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JMP Biegetechnik Gera UG haftungsbeschränkt is a small to medium-sized business in Gera in Thuringia. Founded in 1864 by the initiative of Moritz Perthel, bending equipment, bending tools and bending machines have been developed, manufactured and sold by us for more than 130 years.

Tradition and innovation form a unit for us. Starting out from a proven, standard assortment of bending technology, special equipment and accessories, a computer-assisted design guarantees a rapid reaction to special customer requirements. Manufacturing takes place on modern machine tools.

By using solvent-free paints for painting our equipment and machines, we are contributing to maintaining the environment. Satisfied customers in the whole of Germany, as well as in Western and Eastern Europe confirm that the bending technology from Gera corresponds to the most recent state of the art, is reliable in the handling, sturdy and therefore long-lasting.
JMP Biegetechnik Gera UG haftungsbeschränkt                  Tel.: (0365)55287766                  Fax: (0365)55287767                  E-Mail: biegetechnik-gera@web.de